Carving through the snow on skis or a snowboard is an awesome feeling. But any smart skier or boarder knows that safety on the slopes comes first. That includes staying safe on the ski lifts. As a rider, you need to know how to use the lifts properly. Follow these tips and you can be sure your day on the slopes will be amazing.


Always put your safety first by following these smart tips:

  • Look for posters near the chair lifts that tell you how to get on and off the lift properly.
  • Ask the lift attendant if you need any help.
  • Listen up! Obey all the instructions that are given to you.
  • Pay attention to any signs that are posted along the ride up the hill.

Be smart! Use the safety bar.

  • Ride with care. That means you should always lower the safety bar that's found on the chair lift.
  • Don't rush it! Never raise the bar until you reach a sign that tells you to do so.

Getting ON The Lift:
Follow the three "L's":

  • LOOK
    • Look for signs before you prepare to load. They'll tell you what to do.
    • Look and wait for the chair until it's your time to load.
    • Look over your shoulder for the approaching chair, so you're prepared when it reaches you.
    • Tie up long hair and secure any loose clothes. Make sure you take off your backpacks and headsets, too.
  • LOAD
    • As the chair moves towards you, bend your knees and get ready for it to come to you.
    • If you're riding up the hill alone, sit down in the middle of the chair.
    • Remove your poles' straps from around your wrists. Then take hold of the poles in one hand as you travel up the hill.
    • If you are unsure of anything, ask the lift attendant for help.
    • Lower the safety bar as soon as your skis or snowboard start to leave the snow.
    • Keep your eye out for the sign that tells you to raise the safety bar. Do not lift the bar until you see the sign telling you to raise it.
    • Always remain seated. And don't bounce or swing the chair - no matter how much fun you think that might be!

Getting OFF The Lift:

  • LIFT
    • Watch out for the sign that tells you to raise your safety bar.
    • When you're entering the lift stations, raise the tips of your skis or snowboard so you won't trip and get injured.
    • Lift the safety bar only when you spot the sign that tells you to do so.
    • Listen to the operator at all times and always obey his or her instructions.
    • Stand as your skis or snowboard touch the ground within the unloading area.
    • Once you're off the chair lift, move away from the unloading area, so other skiers can get off the lift safely.
    • If you happen to drop an item, ask the lift operator for help. Never try to get it back by yourself.